Do you want to become an auditor or do you just want interesting work in a pleasant atmosphere?

Do you want flexible working hours and a home office?

Do you want to reveal how big companies work from the inside?

Are you interested not only in numbers, but mainly in people and communication with them?

Do you really want a balance between work and life?

If you answered yes 5 times, we are here for you.

However, rapid career growth is not a condition for us at work, we also support part-time jobs.

Junior Audit Consultant :

you handle the simpler sections of the audit, support other team members and learn from them.

Audit Consultant :

you process moderately demanding audit sections, you communicate with the client independently about simpler issues, you learn from a Senior Audit Consultant

Senior Audit Consultant :

here you will already experience leading a small team and independent communication with the client, along with processing challenging areas of the audit and revising the work of your team members

Audit Manager:

you also manage Senior Audit Consultants , you solve more complex matters with clients, you are responsible for assembling a suitable team for the audit and its results, you review the work of experienced team members and support them in their work.


you lead the other members of the team, you have your own separate part of the company (“center”), for the functioning of which you are fully responsible. You are also mainly responsible for the development of other team members and their work. Your reward is not only the satisfaction of your team, but also a majority share in the profit of your “center” and shares of our company.

We will launch open positions starting in September at the beginning of June