M & A Consulting

Are you planning a merger, spin-off or sale of the company?

A few facts:

  • Our cluster team participates in several dozen transformations per year.
  • Conversions are also one of the means for capital restructuring of companies.
  • Do you know that for many medium-sized companies it is appropriate to create a holding structure?
  • Do you know that a suitable holding structure can drastically reduce your business risks?
  • Did you know that our cluster can provide you with all services from one place, whether you need to carry out a simple spin-off or create a complex holding structure?

Audit, taxes, legal services, valuation experts – all from one place and uniform coordination.

Our experience:

  • Creation of a holding structure for a client with assets and sales exceeding CZK 5 billion
  • Carrying out due diligence and assistance in the sale of medium-sized companies – sale price around CZK 0.5 billion