The cluster of our closely cooperating companies includes more than 30 experts in the fields of audit, transaction advisory, tax, commercial law and accounting.

Audit - PROBIS Audit a.s.

Ověřování individuálních a konsolidovaných účetních závěrek dle České účetní legislativy a Mezinárodních účetních standardů IFRS/IAS.

Responsible partner for cooperation in the cluster: Václav Mareš

Václav is a member of the board of directors of PROBIS Audit a.s. He specializes in audits of larger companies and economic consulting. After graduating from the University of Economics in Prague, he gathered his experience working for an international auditing company from the Big Four. Václav is an auditor with KAČR license number 2365, a tax advisor with KDPČR certificate number 4901 and a member of the British ACCA ( Association of Chartered Certified Accountants ). Among the most important projects for which Václav is responsible is the IFRS consolidation of a holding of more than 50 companies. Václav was also a member of the team ensuring the preparation of the company's IPO on the American stock exchange NYSE (New York Stock Exchange).

Tax consulting - DéTribu s.r.o.

Comprehensive tax consultancy in the field of corporate income tax and VAT, including international taxation.

Responsible partner for cooperation in the cluster: Klára Havala

Klára is a tax advisor and partner of DéTribu s.r.o. While studying accounting and taxes at university, she started auditing medium and large manufacturing and trading companies. In the course of more than 5 years of actively gaining experience with auditing, Klára also focused on the area of tax consultancy, which she now performs on the basis of the authorization of the Chamber of Tax Advisors No. 5818.

Digitization of accounting - Digitools s.r.o.

Digital accounting office and specialists in the field of digitization of accounting, from extracting data from primary documents to setting up approval workflows to creating individualized reports.

Responsible partner for cooperation in the cluster: Jiří Lux

Jirka is the managing director of Digitools s.r.o. He specializes in the digitization of accounting and financial management of small and medium-sized companies. After graduating from the Faculty of Economics of VŠB in Ostrava, he also gathered his experience working for the international auditing company PwC from the Big Four. After leaving, he founded the company Digitools with the vision of helping small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in the area of accounting and financial management, so that they can make better decisions and prevent crises. Among the main added values of his service are order and acceleration in accounting processes, setting up and speeding up approval processes, setting up reporting and its regular evaluation with company management. It also deals with tendering projects and the implementation of ERP systems.

Legal services - 3Advokáti s.r.o.

Comprehensive legal services in the field of commercial law and transactions with companies.

Responsible partner for cooperation in the cluster: Martin Hykel

Martin is a founding partner of the law firm 3ADVOKÁTI, where he specializes in commercial and corporate law, structures, mergers and acquisitions. As part of his current law practice, Martin and his team have completed several international acquisitions of important companies in the Czech Republic and also they administer several medium-sized and larger companies. Thanks to the close specialization of each of the 13-member team , the 3ADVOKÁTI law firm is able to cover the entire spectrum of legal services. In particular, they focus on commercial and corporate law, including the agenda of intellectual property and personal data protection, as well as labor law and public procurement law.

Independent Professional Boutique - Luca Prague s.r.o.

Independent professional boutique Luca Prague offers customized advisory services in Central and Eastern Europe, particularly V4 Countries and Italy.

Responsible partner for cooperation in the cluster: Roberto Di Cursi

Based in Prague, Roberto Di Cursi manages and owns Luca Prague s.r.o., an independent boutique advisory providing tailored strategic and financial advice in Italy, Central and Eastern Europe.
With over 30 years of experience as chartered accountant and tax consultant in Italy, he is a host member of the Czech Chamber of Tax Advisors. Besides holding posts in executive and advisory boards, he has been the “Head of the Italian Desk” of Mazars in the CEE region.
Now as an independent advisor, he has a deep understanding of clients’ needs and delivers all-round services focused on strategic vision, thinking out of the box, regulatory compliance.

Tax consulting and transfer pricing - KUREK daně s.r.o.

Transfer pricing, experts in international taxation, income tax and VAT.

Responsible partner for cooperation in the cluster: Mario Kurek

Mario is the managing director of KUREK daně s.r.o. He has been dealing with taxes and accounting since 2009, thus achieving comprehensive skills across a diverse range of client portfolios from international corporations to individuals. After completing his studies at the VUT in Brno, he gained significant work experience in international and local consulting companies such as Deloitte, Grand Thornton and Warido , as well as in manufacturing companies such as Pfizer, Akzo Nobel and Kofola. Mario is tax advisor No. 5311, while he and his team also ensure the processing of transfer pricing documentation and expert opinions in this area.